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  • Insurance companies have limited information to identify and prevent the signing of loss-making contracts in advance.

  • Currently used statistical methods & tools do not allow complex, on-demand monitoring  of contract portfolio behaviour.

  • Contracts that lapse and default cause:
    P&L losses
    Increased capital
    reserve requirements

  • 24%-28% of contracts (in €)
    lapse during years 2 & 3

  • Life insurance companies lose money on every new contract during the first 3-4 years due to high acquisition costs.

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    increased profitability
    rapid deployment (days)
    reduced capital reserve requirements

  • TILIA is a Next-Generation Tool

    uses entire portfolio with no need for statisticians, no guessing, provides easy-to-use visual insights process is fast, easy and cost-effective, limited learning curve

  • TILIA Predictive Analytics Application

    Proprietary technology based on the SAP HANA platform that provides executives with on-demand insights to identify specific salespeople, channels, territories and products that are likely to generate losses due to lapses & defaults.

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About us

Limewood was established by a group of financial sector executives and visionaries to leverage their experience as well as know-how, backed by an investment from Neulogy Ventures.



Limewood, Big Data Analytical Solution Now in Neulogy Ventures Portfolio

Limewood, Big Data Analytical Solution Now in Neulogy Ventures Portfolio

Neulogy Ventures made an investment in Limewood, an applied analytical solutions start-up targeting insurance and banking verticals. Limewood is developing big data analytical solutions allowing companies, particularly in insurance and banking, to monitor and analyze behavior of their distribution networks, identify lapse risk, and optimize portfolio from the profitability perspective. Behavior and risk data are tracked while complemented by proprietary modeling methods, predictive functions and comprehensive visualizations.